What’s the Best Way to Get a Girl to Orgasm Uncontrollably?

Women can have fantastic orgasms without penetrative sex. The trick is to know her hot spots, and arouse her to the point of no return. Women’s bodies are so sensitive that non-sexual touching causes pain or anxiety. If you want to see your girl uttering orgasmic ecstasy, warm up by touching the areas surrounding her clitoris and G-spot. She would surely not refuse you. And when she starts screaming and grasping you, you can give her multiple orgasms just like the ones she had when she was young.

Hot Spots

Before you get naughty with your girl, it is essential to know her sensitive spots. These are the areas that can arouse her within seconds. Know the location of her g-spot, her clitoris, her sensitive nipples, and the rooms inside her vagina. You will be rewarded for your service.

before the act, you will need to indulge in a lot of foreplay to prime her body and make her receptive to orgasmic delight. During foreplay, you should nibble her ears, caress her face, hug her tightly and hold her close to you. nylon stockings are a great outfit to achieve this. 내가 원하는 시간에 빨리 세우는 법 You should also use your fingers, lips, and tongue to stimulate her private parts.

If she is wearing a skirt, open her thighs and rub them rhythmically. Her panties will be in the way, so you need to hold them and put them on. Condoms can be handy to hold the thighs, but you don’t want to use the rubbers. You should stick to light sports car rubbers to get her wet. Make her imagine the sensation that is coming instead of working towards an actual penetration. Whisper to her dirty lines, and address her in those lines when you rub the clitoris.

You can be in command in this act and shall remain in control even if she tries to take control. You can even have her sitting on you instead of kneeling between your legs. This in effect can turn the girl into a male stripper, and she will strip for you as well.

Sexual Positions

Who said there are only a couple of sexual positions in sex? You can have the woman on top of you facing you or facing in the opposite direction. With the woman on top, you are in command, and she will be looking at your lips instead of his. You can also have him sitting down on you. This in effect gives you both indirect control.

Thrust, thrust, thrust in and out, in and out of the girl. Use your wrist and fingers, when possible, to increase the depth and momentum.

Turn her back over you, face you, in a standing position, on all fours. You can also have her bend over and put her hands on the bed.

Try sex acts such as penetration, and oral sex. There is nothing difficult about that. The woman on top makes it much easier for you, and you at the same time can caress her and get a great view of her body.

The woman in the top position can lead a great orgasm if you can caress her and can stimulate her g spot. Try it tonight.